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You are likely here looking for relief from feeling tired, sore or feeling stressed out.  

Zed has just what you're looking for...

Most people acknowledge the feeling of well-being from a massage.  Many may not realize the long-term health benefits of a regular massage. Do you know that massage can improve performance; aid recovery from surgery or injury; prevent and eliminate injuries; reduce stress and even enhance metabolism and circulation?  Massage can change your life!

Massage Therapy for Health and Fitness

We view massage as a scientific process. The reason you feel different after a massage is because it is healing and invigorating tired, aching or injured muscles. Massage increases blood and lymph circulation. Lymph is a fluid that rids body tissues of waste, is dependent on the squeezing effect of muscles to move it through the body. An active person has better lymph flow than an inactive person. However, stimulation from vigorous activity can lead to increased waste, which can negate the benefit. This is where massage has a huge advantage. Massage can dramatically aid lymph movement, which together with blood circulation, supplies cells with nutrients and oxygen and rids cells of metabolic wastes and toxins. It is easy to understand why good circulation is so important to our health and why massage can be so beneficial just for this purpose.

We look forward to helping you live your best life with massage!

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